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Our Story


Once upon a time, many years ago...two little girls became the very best friends.


Our story is a funny one, and it started at birth! We are cousins, born only 7 months apart and have remained friends ever since. We followed our individual paths, attending separate schools and finding success in different careers, but always staying friends.

We also LOVE candles. More than love, it’s a necessity of life, really. As much as coffee and wine. One evening, during the crazy year that was 2020, we were discussing ways to make our lives more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The first deep-dive into how candles were made showed how many ways there are to create your own, and how many companies use unhealthy or unsafe ingredients. It was a rabbit hole of information we didn’t know existed!

But from that night, an idea became a vision for something more. We wanted to share our candles with others. Our family and friends were not only supportive, but genuinely liked our initial products. And from there, as they say, the rest is history!

We are very proud of the candles we have made. Our commitment to a safe and eco-friendly product is the most important part of our mission. 

We truly appreciate your support of our small business!


Amy & Stephanie

what's in a name?

Once we realized our hobby of creating eco-friendly candles was becoming a business, the task of finding the right name for our company began.


Amy’s older brother Christopher passed away from cancer when he was a young boy of seven, and Amy and Stephanie were only three years old. It’s a funny thing how memories begin so young, but there are many fond memories, and stories told of the bright, funny boy Christopher was! It was obvious to us his memory should live on in our candle business.


Loretta Kelly was Stephanie’s great grandmother, on her mother’s side, but everyone knew and loved Nana Kelly, and she loved them! Nana Kelly made everyone feel welcome, and was one of the kindest people who ever lived. It felt natural for us to honor her memory in our business as well.


And from the memories of these two very special people, Christopher Kelly, a Candle Company was born.

We have also created two candles in honor Christopher and Nana Kelly! You can purchase these under Signature Scents.


The Christopher...a candle that smells like heaven! Created from non-toxic oils, The Christopher is scented with Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Jasmine! A candle to remind us of the sweet angel in heaven watching over us each day. For every Christopher candle sold, $3 will be donated to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital.


The Kelly...a candle with the scent of a secret garden! Nana Kelly was a gardener, and one could always find beautiful rose bushes and bright, sweet violets in her yard! For every Kelly candle sold, $3 will be donated to the Missouri Botanical Garden, where she was a regular, horticulture volunteer.

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